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"I am so grateful to have had her on my side.

Cheryl is someone who gives sound advice and was always there for us.

One simple phone call at 3:30am, she was there to respond.

If any question arose, she would research through her vast network of colleagues & gather the most accurate, solutionary answer she could find."

 /Kathy Krenshaw Dallas TX-Delighted Client/


"We used Cheryl for a few months after having my child. She really helped me to recover and to have more time to spend with my baby. She is an amazing cook and made a lot of her own delicious recipes, as well as recipes that we provided as I have a lot of dietary restrictions. She also helped us with various errands and with caring for our entire family."

/Kim Gibson Southlake TX-Delighted Client/

We had a wonderful experience with Cheryl! Cheryl took the time to come show us some baby care basics before our baby was born which is great as we are first time parents. She was there for us the night we brought our newborn son home until he started sleeping through the night. She is amazing and had my son sleeping long stretches very early on. Cheryl is very professional, consistent and dependable. We would use her again if we have baby number 2.

/Highland Park client Dallas-TX


"I would strongly recommend Cheryl Abrams for any available newborn care position. She has a vast amount of experience with children which I feel is important. She is very reliable and will work very hard for any employer. "

/Dr Le Giang Dallas TX-Delighted Client/


I love being a doula. I really enjoy when I am serving my clients and it is such a pleasure when they trust me in too! Birth & postpartum support and newborn care is my business. I take it very seriously!

Cheryl Abrams Doula

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